IDML Workshops

December 1st, 2010 by ohaeuser

Just a reminder – we offer custom IDML / IDMLlib workshops.

So if you think about IDML and need a project kickoff or just a detailed presentation of the capabilities of IDML and IDMLlib do not hesitate to book us.

Right now we offer a special deal: Order a workshop and get a rebate on IDMLlib licenses.

Updated Virtual Machine

December 1st, 2010 by ohaeuser

Thank you very much for everyone who is trying out our nifty virtual machine package.

With this machine you get a pre configured Ubuntu to try out the IDMLlib.
Be it either with Java and Tomcat or php and the php-JavaBridge or now also with Jruby.

One of our customers is using this and it’s working pretty slick.
Right now there are no examples for this but we will give some sample code as soon as possible.

So welcome Ruby on Rails devs – join in the IDML fun.

Please use our usual formular to order your virtual applicance package.

OVF package for IDMLlib and php

September 13th, 2010 by ohaeuser

For everyone who want to test IDMLlib with the php JavaBridge but encountered some problems in settings this up I created an OVF (Open Virtualisation Format) package.

The package comes with an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server, Tomcat6, Apache2, php-javabridge and some other goodies.

Completely free of charge of course – just fill out the formular on and specify OVF in the commentary.
Or once the form is updated choose OVF. You will get a download link and an evaluation code for the IDMLlib.

So if you got a virtualisation solution that can import OVF packages your IDMLlib experience is just a few clicks away.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Access all Stories in a Document using php

August 31st, 2010 by ohaeuser

This is just a simple working example to access all Text Frames in a document.

Of course you might want to do something with it so I did not stop just outputting this but added a lib to create an ODT file.
ODT is part of the Open Document Format family so you can open it with Openoffice and also with MS Word 2007 SP2+.

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IDMLlib 1.1 Release Notes

June 23rd, 2010 by afink

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels.

The FHCon GmbH is pleased to announce the release of the IDMLlib 1.1

The IDMLlib is a Java library that makes working with InDesign® IDML files easier than ever.

By providing a simple but powerful interface to all information inside an IDML file, the IDMLlib allows programmers to extract, modify and create new content without the hassle to learn the complete IDML specification but to keep everything compatible with InDesign®

Programmers are now able to to create or compose new IDML documents from existing content, without even seeing any XML, by just using standard Java syntax.

Whether you want to export InDesign® compatible Snippets from your Content Management System, create a custom IDML Marketing Portal or develop a webbased IDML translation workflow, the IDMLlib technology will reduce the expense and allows a shorter time to market for your solution.

Further information about the IDMLlib can be obtained using the following links

The delivery of the IDMLlib 1.1 starts on June 25th, existing customers will be notified how to obtain the new release.

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Changing the Language in Flash Builder 4 on Mac

May 30th, 2010 by afink

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels.

This posting has nothing to do with IDML or the IDMLlib, but some of you might run in to the same problem as I am, switching the language of a localized Flash Builder 4 installation. If you have a localized version of the Creative Suite 5, it is inevitable (IMHO) that the Flash Builder 4 will also end up in a localized version on your system.

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InDesign CS5 and the missing INX Export

May 23rd, 2010 by afink

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels.

A lot of people seem to be very surprised that Adobe dropped the INX support from InDesign® 7.0 based on the fact that a lot of twitter messages read like this:
“I finally managed to open a CS5 InDesign file in CS4″ or
“How do I export a CS5 InDesign File to CS3, there is no INX export option ?”
This post is for all people asking these question and haven’t found an answer yet.

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Introducing AbstractIdmlDocument

May 22nd, 2010 by afink

In version 1.0 there has only been support for container-based IDML document (.idml), which has been represented by the de.fhcon.idmllib.api.elements.Document object. As outlined in our first IDMLlib article, snippets support was one of the major features for the next IDMLlib release. Besides the obvious InDesign-Snippet (.idms) we support InCopy-Assignment (.icma) and InCopy-Markup-Language (.icml) files. For more information about different IDML files types  see this article from Adobe’s Heath Lynn.

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IDMLlib for Java with PHP

May 20th, 2010 by ohaeuser

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels.

Since we did have a couple of requests by PHP coders to work with IDML, IDMLlib and PHP we took a look at the PHP JavaBridge Project on Sourceforge.

To make a long story short – it seems to work ok :-) We will try out some more complex examples to see how stable everything is.

Here is my recipe to make IDMLlib for Java work with apache2, tomcat6, java6 and php5.

Updates for this article:


  • Missing JavaBridge: Of course you need the JavaBridge by itself – this was not very clear so far.
  • Inserted the Download Link for the binary Package of the JavaBridge.war
  • Init Script: Missing tomcat policy files for the Init Script
  • Added warning about the right naming of the idmllib.jar

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Import Snippets into an IDML document with IDMLlib 1.1

May 20th, 2010 by afink

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Version dieses Artikels.

One of the most asked questions of our customers is: “Is the IDMLlib able to import Snippets (.idms) into IDML documents?”. Fortunately we have been able to answer this question with yes since the very first IDMLlib 1.1 milestones. But until now this has been a very source code intensive task. I will show you later how easy it is with the current build using our new IDMLlib-Utility-Framework. But let me first explain what’s the idea behind snippets and what it needs to import the snippet. Read the rest of this entry »